Diversity & Inclusion 2021 Conference Request for Proposals

Oct. 19, 2020

Diversity & Inclusion

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals for professional speakers for the upcoming 2021 Webster University Diversity & Inclusion Conference. 

2021 Diversity & Inclusion Conference
Feb. 23-25.

General Information

  • RFPs are due by email no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 20. Proposals should be submitted online or emailed directly to vincentflewellen@webster.edu with the subject line: RFP – Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Presenters may submit as many proposals as they like, but each topic must be submitted separately. The Program Committee evaluating the RFPs groups submissions by topic during the selection process.
  • All presenters who made proposals will be notified of the results of this solicitation. It is expected that if you are selected as a professional presenter, you will be available at your designated slot.
  • Sessions should be 45 minutes in length with an intended audience of 50 – 100 conference attendees.
  • Presenters may submit proposals for any or all of the types of presentations included in the conference. The 2021 Diversity & Inclusion conference will have: Session lectures, panel discussions (please have the names of possible panelists included in your proposal) and performances. 

Specific Proposal Instructions

Proposals for conference presenters should include the following information in writing in the same order as it appears on the Proposal Submission Form.

A completed Proposal Submission Form including your full name, title, and company (or department if employed by Webster University), mailing address, phone number with area code, fax number, and email address. Including Social Media Account Names for @websteru to promote during the conference and follow. 

Presentation/Session/Workshop Information.

  • State the proposed title of your presentation, session, or workshop. Webster University reserves the right to suggest changes in the proposed session and to edit the session title if your proposal is accepted.
  • In one hundred and twenty (120) words or less, describe your proposed topic for your presentation.
  • State at least three (3) Learning Objectives for your proposed presentation/session/workshop. Each objective should specifically indicate the results and outcomes you seek in terms of participant’s knowledge, skills, and behavior. For each objective, use the format: “After participating in this workshop, participants will be able to….”

State the format for the proposed presentation/session/workshop.

  • Lecture
  • Panel Discussion
  • Performance
  • Handouts. Describe the handouts you will provide to support your proposed presentation/session/workshop. Handouts will be posted virtually for conference registrants. 
  • Biographical Paragraph, Headshot, and/or Logo of Speaker. In fifty (50) words of less, describe your background and expertise which qualifies you as an expert in your subject presentation. Headshots and company logo (if applicable) must be sent as well. This description may appear in the promotional materials and will be used to introduce selected speakers on the day of the Diversity & Inclusion conference event.
  • Co-Presenter/s Information. If co-presenter/s are being proposed for your presentation, please provide their name/s, mailing addresses/es, phone number/s, fax number/s, and email address/es. 

About Diversity & Inclusion at Webster University. 

From Webster’s inception, we have been an institution that opened worlds that were previously closed to students. Our student body has become increasingly diverse in every way. We are a microcosm of the world across the Webster campus network and within each campus. 

The 2021 Webster University Diversity & Inclusion conference will be held virtually Feb. 23-25. Past conferences have featured a variety of learning formats including lectures, panel discussions, hands-on learning experiences and performances. 

Attendees include faculty, staff, students, alumni, corporate partners and community members from around the St. Louis area. The virtual format of the 2021 conference allows us to reach our entire community and offer topics that appeal to a global audience. Topics at past conferences have included: hate speech, unconscious bias, gender in the media, how to be a transgender ally, multigenerational workforces, accessibility issues and immigrant experiences. 

For a look at topics covered in previous years, please visit our online conference archive

Additionally, in 2020, Webster University has launched a virtual speaker series. The new “Webster Speaks: Dialogues on RACE, EQUITY and INCLUSION” speaker series has built an international audience for its frank conversations with local and national leaders advancing these issues. If your proposal is not selected for the 2021 Diversity & Inclusion Conference, it may be considered for an episode of the Webster Speaks ongoing speaker series.  

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